We appreciate the varying requirements and the diversity of our customers.

For all customers, we offer a Customer Account service allowing us to set up an online shop. This will allow the customer to easily access a personalised online shop containing their previous purchases, making ordering or re-ordering hassle free. Your link can be on our website or hidden.

This benefits orders where a number of people might be ordering the same or similar garments separately.

Case Studies

University Societies

Collecting money from a number of students can be challenging at times, especially across different campuses. We can set up a simple online shop with a range of products and provide you with a link to be distributed amongst students, removing the burden from the organiser. Students can then order from the site individually, allowing them customise their garments accordingly and make a payment. The order can then be individually posted or sent to the same destination by a specific deadline.

Nationwide Businesses

Online shops are ideal for nationwide businesses, allowing the consistent branding across the business. For example, there may be a franchisee in London, Cardiff and Newcastle requiring the same or similar garments. We would set up an online shop allowing individuals from each of the three locations to place their orders online whenever they require an item. This also makes it easier re-ordering items in the future.

Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna

Our online store for Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna allows parents to order school uniform online.

Ysgol Treganna School uniform at Cardiff Embroidery